A side thought on inner conversations

When I think to myself inside my own head I often have an inner conversation.  Thinking of the actual words and having a dialogue.  But why?  Isn’t there a more efficient means of communicating with myself?  Why use spoken language inside my own head instead of mental imagery?  Do we speak to ourselves in dreams?  I try to remember my dreams when possible, but I don’t recall much dialogue occurring in them.

Understandably, we need language to communicate with others.  However, when brain to brain communication is finally achieved (Neuralink?), will we still have a need for different languages or will there be a universal language that evolves?  One that no longer involves spoken words.  One with perhaps imagery transfer at the core.  Or more along the lines of animated imagery to more convey actions and requests to each other.

For example, today we use spoken language to ask someone to open the door for us or to ask for directions to a place or even to order from a menu.  How amazing would it be to communicate with mental images instead?  Instead of asking you to open the door for me I can show you an animated image of the thought in my mind.  It’s you actually opening the door and me with an armful of groceries.  Maybe I can even make you and the door and me and the groceries the pronounced focus of the image while everything else fades to the background.

When asking for directions I can “imagine” the destination to you. Instead of telling me landmarks and where to turn you could “imagine” them to me so I get a much more contextual idea of what I’m looking for.  You could walk me through a set of images in your mind to get me from point A to point B. Suppose you’re not a nice person and your directions are going to send me through a bad part of town for some self serving nefarious reason.  I certainly wouldn’t pick that up with spoken directions, but I wonder if I could see that more clearly when you convey your mental images.  The question that comes to mind is “How do we control the mental images we’re conveying?”.  You don’t want me seeing anything you don’t want me to see.  Wouldn’t that be the same thing as controlling the words that come out of your mouth when speaking?  I suppose being in earshot would now translate to being in mindshot.

Language is man-made and has evolved based on the need for survival.  Think how much richer and more efficient communication would be if we could do so from mind to mind.  What will we be capable of then?

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