Iptables Tutorial


Iptables Tutorial 1.2.2.pdf By Oskar Andreasson oan@frozentux.net Learn how to properly implement iptables and Netfilter functions in the new Linux 2.4.x kernels


DIY Arduino Electronitc Drum Kit

UPDATE: For full details view the site I created for this project at DrumVillian This project uses the Arduino Drum Kit-Kit AI to create a fully functioning electronic drum kit. To add drum beats...


Entrepreneur Reading List

I enjoy reading about startups, entrepreneurs and online community development. Stories that describe how other entrepreneurs overcome adversity are the best. Especially if I can directly relate their stories to my current situation as...




UPDATE: After creating the interest based community called TrailSix.com and ironically not receiving that much interest… I changed direction completely and created an Android app based on the Google Places API. The app lets...


An Interview with Steve Jobs

A friend recently sent me this excerpt of an interview with Steve Jobs in 1995. While Jobs responded to a number of different topics, my favorites ‘The Internet’ and ‘Advice for Future Entrepreneurs’ are...