Category: Hacks

Configure Raspberry Pi Wireless Settings

Make sure the Pi recognized your wireless USB adapter. dmesg | grep 802.11 [ 2.51875] usb 1-1.3: Product: 802.11n WLAN Adapter This means that the operating system recognized the USB WiFi Adapter using one...


Pidora 20 Firstboot on Raspberry Pi

What is firstboot? Firstboot is the program that runs the first time you start a Pidora system to allow you to configure basic system settings. Firstboot Modules Welcome The first time you boot up...


Change the vim color scheme (theme)

Comments are difficult to see using the default vim theme so you may want to change it. Once you find a color scheme that you like you’ll probably want to set it as the...




UPDATE: After creating the interest based community called and ironically not receiving that much interest… I changed direction completely and created an Android app based on the Google Places API. The app lets...