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Happy 4th of July

The Declaration of Independence is something we should all read at least once a year. What better day than today?


Linux Networking Cookbook


Linux Networking Cookbook.pdf by Carla Schroder Easy to use recipes complete with example commands, shell scripts and perl scripts.


Iptables Tutorial


Iptables Tutorial 1.2.2.pdf By Oskar Andreasson Learn how to properly implement iptables and Netfilter functions in the new Linux 2.4.x kernels


Entrepreneur Reading List

I enjoy reading about startups, entrepreneurs and online community development. Stories that describe how other entrepreneurs overcome adversity are the best. Especially if I can directly relate their stories to my current situation as...


An Interview with Steve Jobs

A friend recently sent me this excerpt of an interview with Steve Jobs in 1995. While Jobs responded to a number of different topics, my favorites ‘The Internet’ and ‘Advice for Future Entrepreneurs’ are...